No-Cost Zero Energy and Zero Carbon: Cost is Not the Barrier

A talk by Bill Maclay and Paul Torcellini
Maclay Architects and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

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About this talk

Energy reduction and carbon goals in the building sector require a very different way of thinking about building design, delivery, and ownership—or do they. Learn about ways to overcome the biggest barrier—cost. Learn to use a proven financial methodology to deliver positive energy buildings and show they are the least cost option when compared to typical buildings. These buildings also accrue long term benefits including financial, social equity, ecological, and health. Commercial, institutional, and nonprofit and other residential case studies will illustrate that this is the future and that obstacles can be overcome. It will also look across the market at zero energy cost studies showing that cost is not the barrier—and a look at some of the perceived barriers to dramatically shift buildings from energy consumers to energy producers.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand a replicable energy modeling and financial analysis methodology to evaluate zero energy projects

  2. Show how to build client support for zero energy projects.

  3. Learn ways to demonstrate opportunities for how zero energy design is the best path forward for all future projects.

  4. Describe common perceived barriers to building or retrofitting a zero energy building.

1 GBCI CEU (self-reported) 1 LFA CEU (pending)