Market and Public Policy Opportunities: Business and Investor View into 2021

A talk by April DeSimone, David Levine, Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, Juan Saldana III and Bill Walsh
Designing the We, American Sustainable Business Council, East Bay Community Foundation, P3 Markets and Healthy Building Network

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About this talk

The COVID pandemic, concomitant recession, and racial unrest have laid bare the systemic inequities and structural racism that have longed shaped our cities and neighborhoods. Successful strategies, initiatives, ventures, and policies of the 21st century must understand in which precise ways such challenges are systemic and structural. Our session will cover a range of topics from the new frameworks to address structural racism; new investment strategies in housing, entrepreneurship and communities, to the intersection of toxics and embodied carbon in building materials in the context of climate and environmental justice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the race and equity frameworks we must adopt to ensure a shift in our thinking to enable a shift in our actions.

  2. Understand the opportunities for application of racial equity in entrepreneurship and investing to help practices transform.

  3. Understand the connections between building, climate and safer chemicals.

  4. Be exposed to the policy opportunities to enable your engagement.

1 GBCI CEU (self-reported) 1 LFA CEU (pending)